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                The Secureworks Security Maturity Model

                A holistic, risk-based, business-driven approach to evaluating cybersecurity maturity.

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                Webcast: Cyber Global Warming

                Behavioral Intelligence technology combined with human expertise reduces the effort to identify and respond to web and email threats that other security tools often miss.


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                We Outpace the Threats. You Outpace the Competition.

                In today’s digitally connected world, your security program should enable your organization as well as protect it. At Secureworks, we partner with you to detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether, helping you grow and innovate with confidence.

                Incident Response Insights 2018

                One year. 996 IR engagements. Three key takeaways.

                KEY STATS

                web api testing


                Clients in 55+ Countries

                malware code analysis


                Security Events Processed Daily

                managed policy compliance


                Expert Security Analysts, Researchers and Responders

                SEC OCIE


                Years of Attack and Threat Actor Group Data

                Latest Insights

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